AI Connex™ Startup Accelerator

We are not just a startup funding platform. We are a catalyst for innovation and growth. We empower early-stage startups with the vital funding you need to transform your visionary ideas into reality. We provide you with GPU compute, shared resources and a network of developers and entrepreneurs. We also connect you with opportunities for further funding. Join us and be part of the AI revolution!


Our mission

At AI CONNEX, we are passionate about empowering start-ups to disrupt and transform the world. We provide them with the funding, the network, and the support they need to grow and thrive. We believe that by creating a collaborative and innovative environment, we can unleash the potential of like-minded talented people. We are here to help start-ups RISE!

Our vision

At AI CONNEX, we believe that diversity is not only a moral imperative, but also a strategic advantage. Our research shows that diverse teams outperform their peers in the private equity industry. That’s why we are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and excellence, where the next generation of global leaders can thrive and innovate. We are confident that by embracing diversity, we will lead the way to a brighter future.

Our team

We are a team of visionaries and trailblazers, led by Tim Ngo, a man who defied the odds and became a pioneer in telecom solutions and tech startups. We seek out the best and brightest from various fields, whether they are innovators, investors, or entrepreneurs. We also have Takeshi who adds his flair and charm to our team. Together, we have the skills and knowledge in VC, startups, capital raising and creating successful companies that make us unstoppable!

Tim ngo

Lead Investor
AI Connex Startup Accelerator Program

takeshi hirota

AI Connex Startup Accelerator Program


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