Frisco Happy Hours Mix
Jan 10, 2024

Thanks to Ken Casto the Founder of Cyber Networking Happy Hours Group for giving us the opportunity to be part of your event and to annouce our AI CONNEX Community to the world! It was a blast!
The pouring support and excitement from Cyber Community in AI is amazing. The big surprised is many of the people that I know in this group are already doing their own AI projects on the side, and we never talked about it until today!
This is what we need for our community. The platform for people to open up and share their crazy ideas! :)

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CISO XC Happy Hour Jam
Jan 11, 2024

Thanks CISO XC and its wonderful founders Cecil Pineda, Jaimin Shah and Randy Potts for giving us the opportunity to promote AI CONNEX at your event last night! They have the biggest heart and that's why this community grew so big. 😊 🙏
Our aim is to follow the footsteps and build a trust-based AI Community where everyone can learn, collaborate and support each other. 🤝
#AICONNEX #aicommunity

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DFW Agile CoP
@ Toyota Connected
Jan 18, 2024

Thanks to DFW Agile Community of Practice (CoP) for inviting us to your meetup!
Kevin J. Scott, CTO, PGA of America delivered one of the best AI presentations
"Transforming your Business with AI"! 👍

Thanks Toyota Connected North America for hosting us too. 😃

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Fort Worth Meetup

The past AI meetup event was a blast! We had so much fun chatting with other AI enthusiasts and learning from their experiences. It was amazing to see how diverse and creative the AI community is. We met many new friends and potential collaborators. A lot of exciting business opportunities being discussed, from innovative startups to cutting-edge research projects. And of course, we enjoyed the delicious foods and drinks that were served. It was a night to remember!